CHAN'S DAY SPAMassage Services

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30min/$30 55min/$55
To soothe and relax mind and body.
Therapeutic 30min/$30 55min/$55
Using more pressure to help release tension and fatigue in muscles
Deep Tissue 30min/$35 55min/$60
Using more pressure to trigger points to help release muscle pain
Hot Stone 55min/$65
Using heated stones and aromatherapy oil to soothe mind and body
Reflexology30min/$35 55min/$60
Soak your feet and using aromatherapy oils and massage reflex points in feet

Rain Drop Therapy
Using a mixture of aromatherapy and essential oils to relax mind and body
Add aromatherapy to any of above Masssages: chamomile, lavender,peppermint, egyptian, rosemary,mandarin,chocolate cake, vanilla.
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